Humanitas International Foundation (HIF) is an independent organization fully dedicated to design, develop and execute Education and Health Promotion programs. Said programs are mainly designed, but not exclusively limited to address the general population utilizing distance learning format schemes, materials, tools, courses, seminars, etc. HIF pretends to be adhered and in compliance with the great need of divulging Education and Health Promotion Programs, as requested by the World Health Organization, National Institute of Health, among others, as the main pillars for a good Health Prevention and maintenance.
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Humanitas International Foundation
Mission Humanitas International Foundation Mission is to design, develop, promote, and execute health education and health promotion programs to address general population and other audiences: programs that shall be designed and prepared for improving knowledge on health, but mainly to become practical tools for helping humanity in achieving and maintaining healthier lives and wellness.

• To conceive programs of practical implementation that will aid people's education about health and wellness, as well as on health risk factors, how identify and control them.
• To design integral prevention programs mainly based on Education and Health Promotion.
• To establish institutional alliances with other organizations that pursues similar educational focused objectives.
• To design and develop independently or in conjunction with other entities research studies and protocols.
• To conceive and develop studies and programs meaningful for improving mankind concepts in health prevention.

•  HIF has firm adherence to the principles of delivering its programs and services to the communities without distinction or discrimination of any kind.
•  A commitment to community social services is the basis for the fulfillment of programs that HIF executes and delivers to needy sectors.
•  All HIF programs follow a clear principle of Ethics and Honesty.
•  It is better and less expensive to prevent than to cure.

Professional Staff

Luis Romero, Venezuelan Internist, Cardiologist, and Clinical Pharmacologist Post-Graduate from Harvard University and University of Massachusetts. Professor of the Fisher Institute for Medical Research. President of Humanitas International Foundation National and International lecturer on Health Education, Health Promotion and Holistic approach to Healing.
Angel Gabet, Ph.D, Master in Nutrition, University of Montreal Lecturer for Humanitas International Foundation in Holistic Health and Orthomolecular Nutrition in Spanish and French Writer for international magazines.
"Reg" McDaniel, MD, A graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, "Dr. Reg" has spent over 30 years practicing anatomical and clinical pathology, including positions as the Director of Pathology & Laboratories and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft. Worth Medical Center.
Claudio Micieli, MPH, Health Care Management. Health Care Systems and Services Development Consultant Health Education and Promotion Programs. Education, Prevention, and Promotion Programs for Obesity and Chronic Diseases.

Administrative Staff

Marbi Becerra, Administrative Director